2021 RHGA Men's Twilight

Offiical Registration & Rules





**2021 Official Rules**


  • The first night of league will be Thursday May 6, 2021.  The last night of the Regular Season will be on July 1st. Playoffs will start on July 8th. We will start play with tee-times running from 4:00pm-6:00pm.
  • The Regular Season runs for 9-weeks. At the end of Regular Season, the top 4 teams in each flight advance into the Playoffs. If you advance to the playoffs, you will play a total of 10 weeks.
  • ALL members of the league must have their 2021 RHGA and IGA dues paid for with active GHIN handicap. (No exceptions)
  • LEAGUE FORMAT!  – 9 Hole Two Person Team Best Ball Match Play.  In fourball match play, a team of two play their better ball against the better ball of two other players. Allowance, The course handicap of all four players will be reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. Each of the 3 other players is allowed 100 percent of the difference. Example: Player A, B, C, D have course handicaps of 5, 10, 15, 20 respectively. Player A plays his league match at scratch (zero strokes), B receives 5 strokes, C receives 10 strokes and D receives 15 strokes for the league match.
  • Partners’ handicaps will be no more than 7 strokes apart.  Strokes for your handicap will be marked on your scorecard. 
  • FLIGHTS: Flights are broken up into 3 even flights. 3 flights of 10 teams for a full field.
  • TEES: All flights will play from the BLUE Tees with the exception of the Rule of 85. If your handicap index and age equals 85 or more, then you have the option to move up and play the WHITE Tees. Rule of 85 player’s handicaps will be adjusted for their white tee handicap.
  • SCORING:             Eleven (11) points will be awarded for each match.

                                    1 point for low NET best ball on each hole

                                    2 points for the best GROSS team best ball total

                                    ½ point for halved holes

No-shows will be awarded zero points and the other team will automatically

 win 2 points for gross and net points are played against par for the course.


             Failure to turn in/submit card will result in forfeiture of ALL points earned that night for ALL teams.


  • PLAYOFF: The top 4 teams in each flight will advance to the playoffs. Playoffs start in week 10. You will be seeded by your regular season rank.                
  • SUBS: – SUBS CANNOT BE LOWER THAN THE LOWEST HANDICAP IN YOUR FLIGHT! One original team member must be present each night to receive points. Subs must have a VALID HANDICAP CARD. The sub must be within 7 strokes of the team mate he is playing with. You are responsible for finding your own sub. All subs MUST be called into the golf shop by no later than 1pm the day of play. No exceptions!
    • ‚ÄčNOTE: If you cannot find one, we can sometimes assist you. If we are unable to find a sub, the remaining team member may play the opponents by themselves.  Please call the golf shop (208)461-4295) as soon as possible with sub name & handicap so cards will be accurate at start of play each night.
  • Make Up Matches: Both teams must agree in order to do a make-up match. All make up matches MUST be played prior to their original scheduled date.  
  • WEATHER – In the event there is a question of league play due to weather and/or course conditions the decision to “call” play will be determined by the golf shop staff and your league manager.  If play is “called” every effort will be made to make it up. Teams will not be awarded points for matches they do not play.
  • LEAGUE WEBSITE: We are using Golf Genius Software that we think everyone will enjoy. After we get 30 full teams, you will receive an email with the league GGID number. This software will ensure that results, pairings, schedules, finding subs and communication will be better throughout our league. It is important that you and your partner give us an accurate and legible email address at the time of registration. Also, this software offers a smart phone app for those tech savvy players. Search for Golf Genius in your App Store.


If you pick up on a hole (highly encouraged for pace of play), please use the following guidelines for posting your “most likely score”: